Hrithik Roshan on Raees – Kaabil clash: It’s unfortunate but it’s without blame

Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil and Shah Rukh Khan‘s Raees have been at loggerheads ever since their release dates clashed. Of course, this will affect the box office earnings of both the films. In an interview, when the Kaabil actor was asked to comment on the same, instead of giving a plain diplomatic answer, Roshan gave a very logical reply. The clash has been the talking point of the industry right now as it is 2017’s biggest clash so far. Hrithik, thinks it’s unfortunate but without blame. Now that’s a very mature front to such a situation. With a very good reason, the 42 year old actor explained what the bigger problem is about this clash.“It is unfortunate but without blame. It’s not something that’s wrong, it’s not illegal, it’s not even unethical. It is how it is. Two films are ready and one has waited for too long and they’ve had no choice. They want to come on a date that we announced,” said the actor. However, the conversation doesn’t end there as he further prods deeper into this clash fiasco and points out what the actual problem is. It’s not competition or animosity towards stars but because of a very basic reason.He states, “Once you communicate and you understand, you say ‘okay, it’s fine’. It’s unfortunate and sad but it’s fine. There was a very interesting thing that my dad pointed out to me and it was a revelation. He said that, we all have the same calendars. Hollywood, Bollywood, the calendar is the same, number of dates are same.”One of the most important points to pay heed to. Everybody has a calendar and the maintenance of the same needs to be done in order to avoid clashes. Roshan continues, “In Hollywood, no two big films have ever clashed. Batman will never come with Superman, Lord of the Rings will not come with Harry Potter. So there they manage it really really well. It made me think that it is actually possible. I shouldn’t be okay with it, we should not be okay with it. We should manage our calendar because it is better for the industry. Both the films coming together will be a loss, if both the films are good, we would still earn about Rs 100 crores less in the industry compared to both the films released individually. So it’s okay. All I’m saying is that it’s unfortunate but it’s without blame.”There’s a side of the clash that none of us might’ve thought about. But with the crisp explanation by Hrithik Roshan, we can tell that this clash is going to be very heavy on the industry as two big stars will battle it out at the box office.