Dil Hai Hindustani

The music extravaganza will be one of the grandest shows on TV. Budding singers from age group 5-50 will be given a chance to sign up for it. Although gates will be open for international public, only Hindi songs will be allowed to be performed. Currently the creatives are finalising on the format and other detailing.For the first time, a music show that hunts for the best ‘Hindi music’ performing talent from across the globe across nations and nationals! We are looking for world’s best, Hindi singing talent who has ‘A magical awaaz with a unique andaaz’. This global stage welcomes talented performers – Indians as well as foreign nationals who sing Hindi/Bollywood songs; Open to diverse mix of musical talent ranging from Solo, Duo Or Group Performers, with or without own Musicians, from any music genre.
The Episode starts with Narad saying I don’t remember anything. Devi Paulmi thinks how she made him forget everything. Brahmdev says its good Devi Sntoshi freed Narad from bee avatar, else none would have known it. He thanks Devi Santoshi. Devi Paulmi says but Narad tried to breach my privacy, and Devi Santoshi cheated to enter my palace, they both should get punished. He says Narad has rights to roam in three loks, he is special messenger, maybe he has come by some dev work, and Devi Santoshi did not do anything ordinary, all Devi and devta has power to change avatar, and she has changed avatar for pure reason, even you would have done this being in her place, its right, even Vishnu changed avatar, if intention is pure, then its not punishable. He thanks Devi Santoshi.
Santoshi talksto Dadi and is sad. She says I will not let Dhairya’s shadow fall on my baby. Dadi asks her not to worry, you have Santoshi Maa’s blessings on you. She thinks of Dhairya. She says will I be able to raise my child well. Dadi says woman has much power, don’t worry. Santoshi thinks to give much love to her child.
Its morning, Sharmili waters the plants. Guddu calls her. She gets shocked. He says don’t worry, I will come back soon, I have to go now. She cries and is happy that he called. Santoshi Maa says I got clues from Devi Paulmi’s palace, but I don’t have any solid proof, so I did not tell Brahmadev, I think she is doing something wrong, she created a human. He says you said right, its unforgivable crime, its like challenging Brahmadev’s place. She says I should have proof before blaming such serious crime. Gaumata says Trishna is related to Devi Paulmi, we have to do something, else Santoshi will be in problem. Santoshi Maa says I tried to find truth by Trishna’s handprints, but did not know anything. Gaumata asks her to go to past and know things. Santoshi Maa says you are right, I have to do tapasya. She goes to do tapasya.
She asks all the five elements of the universe to come in front of her. The five elements come and greet her. She says I need your powers to do tapasya and go in past. Devi Paulmi says so Devi Santoshi is trying to know past, if she knows, then everyone will know I create a human. Santoshi Maa tries to see Trishna’s past. Devi Paulmi comes there and thinks to attack her by Indra weapon to break her dhyaan. She attacks and laughs. Gaumata says Devi Paulmi is attacking on Mata by Indra weapon, we have to stop her.
Gaumata goes there and sees Devi Paulmi. She turns to cow. Devi Paulmi thinks its good, if I hurt Gaumata, then Devi Santoshi’s dhyaan will surely break. Santoshi Maa is about to see Devi Paulmi creating Trishna. Devi Paulmi attacks Gaumata. Gaumata shouts Maa. Santoshi Maa opens eyes and gets angry. There is storm in the world. Dadi says what happened to weather, its thundering. I did not see such storm before. Sharmili says Guddu called today and said he is coming to meet me soon. Santoshi says its good news, its Santoshi Maa’s blessing. Sharmili says I have mannat, I will go temple and come. She sees the storm.
Santoshi asks are you worried seeing weather, I will come along. Sharmili says you prayed you will not go temple till baby is born. Santoshi says when there is no reason, then what promise, I agreed to him as his wife. But mum’s duty is the biggest one, I will go temple for my child to take Santoshi Maa’s blessing. Dadi says I don’t want to stop you, but I m tensed seeing storm. Santoshi says we will come soon, Santoshi Maa is there to protect us. Dadi asks them to take care. Santoshi Maa says you did not do this right Devi Paulmi.
No Precap.