Bigg Boss 10 Episode 78 highlights: Salman Khan BOYCOTTS Om Swami after he says he wanted to pee on Rohan Mehra

So it was the first Bigg Boss 10 episode of 2017 last night, and boy, it was dramatic on so many levels that we literally lost the count. Host Salman Khan kick-started the episode on a happy note, but then some sparks flew and they flew quite high, major thanks to our very own Om Swami, who has clearly refused to mend his ways even after being reprimanded by Salman every weekend. In case you missed last night’s telecast, here are the highlights:
Nitibha Kaul breaks down – One by one Salman asked the remaining eight contestants to select their top five of this season. Majority of them were of the opinion that Mona Lisa, Nitibha and Om Swami won’t make it to the top five. While Om Swami being Om Swami confidently said he will win the show (LOL), Nitibha on the other hand broke down and said that she is hurt that her close friends Manveer Gurjar and Manu Punjabi also think that she is not capable to be in the top five.
Salman boycotts Om Swami – Moving towards the highlights of the luxury budget Igloo task, Salman castigated Swami Om for stripping off his clothes on national television and troubling Rohan, Manveer and Manu in the very last and crucial stage of the task. He also accentuated the fact that Swami Om knows how to make every task all about himself and ruins it completely for the other housemates. Everything was fine till here, but then Om Swami said that he could have peed on Rohan to sabotage his task further and this is what ticked Salman off, who decided to boycott Om Swami. Served him right, we say.
Salman gives his take on Rohan slapping Om Swami – Talking about one of the biggest fight of the week, Salman Khan justified Bigg Boss’s decision of nominating Rohan for the entire season after the TV actor slapped Om. As Rohan continued to sulk and explain his side of the story, Salman reminded him that since his move of jabbing Om Swami was a planned one, it can’t be justified in any way. But then he also explained him that a person like Om Swami should not be dealt this way as it’s giving more importance to him. We cannot agree more.
Ex-contestant Diandra Soares and Aamir Ali join Salman as guests – Joining the guest panel this week were actor Aamir Ali and ex-Bigg Boss contestant Diandra. From pointing out Bani and Gaurav’s weird friendship to analyzing the contestants’ game plans, the two had a lot to say and share. Diandra also reminisced her times of sharing a room with Bani during their early days in the industry. She also added that Bani’s attitude has undergone a lot of change since then and that she is not being herself all this while on the show. Aamir also expressed his displeasure in Rohan for questioning Bigg Boss’s decision and creating unnecessary drama around it.